me b a monke (mebamonke) wrote in sweetescape2009,
me b a monke

It's time to start planning

 Let's get to the drawing board.I got no submissions yet for themes...So Im gonna go out and ask again for submissions...any theme ideas any volunteers..We need to get organized...I know we are all very busy...but that's why i wanted to get set so if you guys have any comments let me know :)
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I was going to contact you about this because I'm excited about this. There are so many options as far as themes go...are we doing this in summer 2009? Maybe we could through lots of ideas out into a poll?
polls sound great! I haven't gotten any ideas yet.. so as soon as we get some a poll will be perfect.. summer of 2009 is the plan currently
I've thought of a couple ideas to get us started.

-wear a piece from your favorite season. maybe have a contest to guess which season it is and the person with most correct answers wins a prize?
-your interpretation of your fav gwen look using lamb. for example your take on gwen at the grammys of a certain year but put your own twist on it for creative lambies. and we bring a pic of the look we were inspired by.
-dream gwen look using lamb. wear an outfit you would like to see gwen sport!

what do you think? do any of these give you any more ideas?